A QGIS plugin for creating CZML files

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CZML Generator

A QGIS plugin for creating CZML files


Sample data

You can find some sample data to start with in the folder sampleData

Sample viewer

There is a sample Cesium viewer in sampleViewer folder.


Prism Map and Prism Map with time

Use this function to create prism maps with or without temporal animation based on any polygon layers currently opened in QGIS Prism map sample image

Scaled models with time

Animated visualization of attribute change in time by placing 3D models whose sizes change with the corresponding attribute value. Scaled models sample image

Raised connector lines

Creates raised connector arcs from a line layer. Useful for visualizing connections between a set of points Connector lines sample image

3D Pie chart

Creates 3D Pie charts at feature centroids 3D pie charts sample image